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While Body Protectors are mandatory for some competitions, an increasing number of riders describe feeling more confident, therefore riding more positively, when wearing one in everyday situations, from hacking to schooling over fences. Whether you are riding for pleasure or in competition, USG Body Protectors are an ideal preventive measure in the event of an emergency, designed to offer protection to the rider by absorbing the high levels of energy created when falling off or being kicked by a horse. The USG safety products have won many BETA awards for safety & security and they are certified to the highest BETA and European standards.

Per their website, BETA recommends that “if you have had a heavy fall, your Body Protector should be checked immediately for dents. The foam will expand back to its original shape within 30 minutes; but if a dent is showing on examination, then it’s likely that this part of the garment has lost its impact absorption properties and therefore it should be replaced.”