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Tech Stirrups User Guide and Safety Manual


Please, read carefully this user manual and warnings before using our horse-riding safety stirrups. If the stirrups are used by minors, please be sure to provide them with the following information.
In case that the stirrups are used by a minor, it’s mandatory the oversight from an adult and expert person that must explain to the minor the correct usage of the stirrups, by providing and teaching them all the information contained in this manual. The safety stirrups have got a part of the ring that is mobile, and such part is equipped by a spring; it’s mandatory to ensure, before the stirrups will be used by a person, that such mobile part of the stirrups can open itself and that automatically that the same mobile part can close itself.


During use, the opening of the safety mechanism on the side of the stirrup’s ring is possible only when the following conditions are met:

  1. The rider pushes the opening section outwards using the foot until its release;
  2. Both stirrups have been put accurately on the saddle;
  3. The stirrups undergo regular cleaning and lubrication.
  4. Nothing will keep impede the opening of the mobile part andor the movement of the feet (the body of the horse,an obstacle, a wall, the vegetation, etc…)


Our stirrups are provided with direction marks on the ring:


During use, R and L marks should point towards the rider.


When putting the stirrups on the saddle, the opening section must point outwards.

During use, the opening section must never be directed against the ribs of the horse.

Do not place the ankle into the stirrup’s ring.


We advise to clean both the grip and the spring mechanism located under the tread using only water.
It is essential to remove any potential foreign body (sand, stones, etc…) lodged in the safety mechanism, for it could prevent the opening system to work properly.


We recommend to keep both the spring mechanism and the joint connecting the ring to the moving part well lubricated.

To prolong the useful life of the grip, we recommend to use the stirrups with boots soles free from dirt and to clean the stirrups themselves after each use.

If the stirrups are stored together with the saddle, we suggest using stirrup covers.

As for the Venice Light Plus model, it is also necessary to lubricate all the 6 small grooves located under the pad of each stirrup.


Never wear clothing and/or accessories that may prevent the stirrup to work properly.


The functioning of Tech Stirrups safety mechanism has been tested at a maximum temperature of +80° C and a minimum temperature of -20° C.


Remember that the stirrups have to be put accurately on the saddle for the safety mechanism to work properly.

Watch your hands
Do not disassemble
Do not knock
Do not crush
Do not throw nor drop
Do not run while keeping the stirrups in your hands
Do not wash the stirrups in a dishwasher
Do not leave the product to minors without adult supervision
Avoid release to the environment


The warranty does not cover wear (e.g. grip consumption), third-party changes, improper storage or maintenance and/or use, that is, other than that for which the device was designed.
All Tech Stirrups products are tested and checked carefully before being launched into the market. Tech Stirrups products are covered by a 3-year warranty, which is valid starting from the date of purchase, against defects in materials or manufacturing. Consequently, we do recommend to save the fiscal receipt, because the date of emission of the fiscal receipt will declare the starting of the warranty period.
To submit a complaint send an email to We will reply as soon as possible.
GM PRODUCTION srl, owner of the brand Tech Stirrups decline any responsibility due to the lack of respect of what indicated above in the current USER HANDBOOK AND SAFETY NOTES.



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