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Equestrian Safety Blog

  • PBIEC Education Series - Protecting Your Physical, Financial, and Mental Well Being in the Saddle

    Ride EquiSafe founder Catherine Winter is joined by Irish Olympian Kevin Babington and Geoff Wight of Athletes Risk Management to discuss how to protection your physical, financial, and mental well-being in the saddle.
  • The Jay Duke Show on Horse Network - Discussing the Potential of Safety Vests

  • Questions to Ask Your Retailer When Buying an Air Vest

    When it comes to safety equipment, a retailer's job is not just to sell you something, but to educate you as well. But you don't know what you don't know in terms of what questions to ask. This is the information your retailer should be sharing, and the questions you should be asking.
  • Premature Inflation - Air Vest, That Is

    It's everyone's greatest fear: what if my air vest goes off when it's not supposed to? While it does happen, it's a fairly rare occurrence. Air vests don't just magically go off. There's a reason that they do. Let's examine some of them.
  • Safety Stirrup Overview

    Peacock safety stirrups still exist, but now, there are a whole host of options for safety stirrups that will have you fooled because they look almost like regular stirrups. Due to this evolution, you're now seeing them in every discipline and every ring. Safety stirrups aren't just for kids anymore!
  • Will Judges Count Off If I'm Using Safety Equipment

    Many people are concerned that judges will mark down for visible protective equipment. However, in the conversations that we've had with big R judges, that simply hasn't been the case. Hear what they're saying and who's role modeling the trend both in the ring and in the judges booth.
  • Why Expertise Matters

    A few days ago, I was doing a virtual fitting with a client and he made the comment, "I don't know why I'm having such a hard time buying an acces...
  • Equestrian Protective Equipment Safety Standards

    Do you know what standard your body protector or air vest is certified to? You should! Knowing this critical bit of information will tell you quite a bit about the level of protection you're getting with your equipment.
  • Do Horses Spook When Air Vests Go Off?

    The #1 question we get asked is, "Will my horse spook when my air vest goes off?" See what the experts say and watch video of it actually happening.
  • How Do Air Vests Work?

    Learn about how an equestrian air vest works and when it's designed not to work. Understand all of the key components of any equestrian air vest.
  • Why Are Body Protectors Mandatory in Eventing and Air Vests Aren't?

    Body protectors are required for eventers when competing cross country, but air vests are optional. Why?
  • Getting the Word Out About Equestrian Air Vests - What They Can & Can't Do

    Getting the right information about your equestrian safety equipment is critical. Hear from Jen Bauersachs, a top professional, about a freak accident and what she learned about her air vest.